Penn Center for Innovation

The PCI Fellows Program is a experiential education program that was launched in the Fall of 2008. It is available to graduate (Masters/PhD/MBA) students and Post-Doctoral Fellows at Penn with a focus on the schools of medicine, engineering, arts and sciences, and business. The program concentrates on providing support for the assessment of the commercial potential of new technologies disclosed to PCI.  PCI Fellows will be exposed to a wide range of emerging technologies and commercialization opportunities in the life sciences, physical sciences, and nanotechnology areas.

The PCI Fellows program is directed by Dr. Tomás Isakowitz, who has extensive business and academic experience. Participants will interact with professionals across multiple areas within PCI.  The program includes both instructional and experiential components.

  • Instructional component: PCI fellows qualify to participate in a full semester seminar course “Biotechnology commercialization: the path from invention to market”, which will be delivered in conjunction with Penn’s Biotechnology Postdoctoral Program. In addition, all PCI fellows will participate in an intensive training workshop that will provide the necessary elements to perform assessments of new technologies at PCI.
  • Experiential component: PCI Fellows will participate in a paid internship program focusing on assessing technical, commercial, and IP aspects of Penn technologies, and on assisting the development of commercialization strategies for Penn technologies. PCI Fellows will be expected to commit up to 10 hours a week and assignments can be completed remotely.

For additional information, please see our FAQ.