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You can apply as 1) a team, 2) an individual with an idea looking to form a team, and 3) as an individual without their own idea, who wishes to join a team. We will facilitate networking sessions to help form teams for those that sign-up.


Following an initial review, qualifying teams will be invited for an interview to assess the team’s fit with the I-Corps curriculum. All team members are required to be present for the interview. Final decisions will be made following the interview.


Apply by for grant amount
May 5, 2019  $  3,000
each day after May 5, the grant amount decreases by $150 for example, if you apply on May 10, the grant amount is $2,250
final deadline: 21-May  $ 600


Once the cohort fills up, you will be queued for the next one.


Because this cohort is run in combination with the BIO 2019 conference we are only interested in applications in the following areas:

  • Medical Devices
  • Digital Health
  • Pharmaceutical (drugs,  delivery methods)
  • Research tools for life sciences

Team Composition

Teams must have a minimum of two members and a maximum of four. AT least one team member has to have an active affiliation with the University of Pennsylvania or CHOP, as a faculty, student or staff. The roles are defined as follows:

  • Technical Lead (TL): has a deep understanding of the technology at the core of the team’s idea. Has to be faculty, staff, or student at Penn.
  • Entrepreneurial Lead (EL): will organize team activities and be responsible for all deliverables. Has to be faculty, staff, or student at Penn.
  • Optional – Industry Mentor (IM): an individual with industry experience and not affiliated with the university as a student or faculty

Time Commitments

The TL and EL must commit to class time plus approximately 10 additional hours a week for Customer Discovery.  Other team members must commit to 5-10 hours a week in addition to class time.